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(*= Permanent Professors and Associate Professors)

Dr Jean-Sébastien Balzat
Lexicon of Greek Personal Names
Tel No: (01865) 610229
Roman history, Greek epigraphy, Greek onomastics

Dr Edward Bispham
Brasenose College
Tel No: (01865) 277524
Pre-Roman and Roman Italy (history, epigraphy, archaeology); Roman historiography

Dr Charles V. Crowther
The Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies
Tel No: (01865) 288180

Dr Peter Haarer
Regent's Park College
Archaic Greek history and archaeology; Epigraphy; The emergence of alphabetic Greek writing; The development of iron during the Archaic and Classical periods

Dr Lisa Kallet
University College
Tel No: (01865) 276656
Greek History, Historiography and Archaic and classical Athens

Dr Georgy Kantor
St John's College
Tel No: (01865) 610876
Roman law and institutions, Hellenistic and Roman epigraphy, Asia Minor, Black Sea region

Dr Christina Kuhn
Lady Margaret Hall
Tel No: (01865) 274379
Roman political, social and cultural history, Roman Asia Minor, Greek and Latin Epigraphy, Papyrology, Roman Egypt

Prof. Andrew Meadows
New College
Greek History; Epigraphy; Numismatics

Dr Alex Mullen
All Souls College
Historical Sociolinguistics; Bi- and Multi-lingualism; Archaeology; Epigraphy; Gaul and Britain (600BC to AD 400)

Prof. Robert C. T. Parker
New College
Tel No: (01865) 279520
Greek History, Greek Religion, Greek Epigraphy

Dr Mark Pobjoy
Magdalen College
Tel No: (01865) 276099
Greek and Roman History, Latin Epigraphy, Republican Italy

Dr Jonathan R.W. Prag
Merton College
Tel No: (01865) 276281
Ancient Sicily, Roman Republic, Epigraphy

Prof. Nicholas Purcell
Brasenose College
Tel No: (01865) 277818
Roman Social, Economic and Cultural History, City of Rome; Mediterranean Sea and its History

Dr Kyriakos Savvopoulos
Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents
Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies
Ptolemaic and Roman Alexandria; Ptolemaic history and archaeology; epigraphy, architecture and topography; cultural interaction; ideology and identity; religion and funerary customs.

Dr Karolina Sekita
Brasenose College
Greek Religion, Early Greek Epic, Greek Tragedy, Aristophanes, Greek Cultural History (Archaic & Classical)

Dr Peter Thonemann
Wadham College
Tel No: (01865) 277998
History, mostly pre-modern; geography; gender; society and economy.

Dr Ida Toth
The Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies
Tel No: (01865) 288263
Faculty teaching staff, Medieval Greek, Medieval Latin, Classical traditon in Medieval literature, Epigraphy