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Classics in Communities

Classics in Communities aims to promote and encourage the teaching of Latin and Ancient Greek at primary and early secondary level (and beyond) in UK state schools. We also aim to bring together primary, secondary, and HE level teachers and allow for sustainable links to be created and developed.

The project is founded on two key principles: information and support. We provide schools and teachers (non-specialists in particular) with information and guidance about teaching approaches and methods, material and digital classroom resources, and support available from Classics organisations. The project partners are: University of Oxford, the Iris Project, and University of Cambridge.

Please visit our website for further information about the project, teaching and learning resources, UK Classics departments outreach prorgammes, funding opportunities and much more!

East Oxford Community Classics Centre

Oxford Classics Outreach is proud to be involved in the new East Oxford Community Classics Centre, which is hosted at Cheney School.  The Centre is a vibrant new Classics learning venue for current students and people of all ages to attend events, workshops, lessons, and exhibitions.  The centre opened with a Classical festival in October 2013 drawing over 200 people (young and old). Special guest speakers were Professor Mary Beard and Dr Armand D'Angour. A number of scheduled events including Greek and Latin classes, Odyssey drama workshops, Mythical Beasts and Family Classics sessions took place over the Autumn and Winter season. Oxford Classics students are involved in running weekly themed events at the centre with Classics academic tutors providing exciting talks on Classical topics on a monthly basis.

The Centre is founded and run by The Iris Project in partnership with Oxford Classics Outreach.

The purpose of the Centre is both to provide a permanent presence within Cheney School whereby pupils can engage with the Classics in a range of different ways, and also to provide an accessible place for visitors of all ages from the local community to experience Classics and attend lessons and sessions.

There is now a dedicated website for the East Oxford Community Classics Centre.

You can join our Facebook group for upcoming events, just search for: East Oxford Community Classics Centre 

East End Classics Centre - Brooke House Sixth Form College

Since the launch of the East End Classics Centre in the summer of 2012, the project at Brooke House Sixth Form college has been steadily gathering momentum. Classical Civilisation as A Level subject has now been introduced under the inspirational instruction of Classics teacher Toni Shelley. Oxford academies have been involved in giving a series of Classics themed lectures at the centre.

Oxford Classics Outreach and Wadham College have now been involved in delivering two cycles of the East End Wadham Summer School, preparing the brightest pupils to Oxbridge.

The summer school involved a week of intensive study that was designed to replicate a week in the life of an undergraduate studying Classics or a related degree. Students had the opportunity to learn alongside current Oxford undergraduate and postgraduate students and be taught by leading academics. The academic programme featured a range of activities and topics, including a language element.

We have been lucky enough to capture the experience of these wonderful students in this video of our first summer school. 

For pictures and information about our 2014 summer school please follow the link here.

If you would like to know more about BSix and its aims please click here.

Capital Classics

Launch of Capital Classics partnership

The education charity Classics for All has been awarded £250,000 by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s London Schools Excellence Fund to lead a partnership which will train 70 teachers to work in London schools, teaching Latin and other classical subjects.

The partnership, Capital Classics, includes the BSix College in Hackney, The Iris Project and Nower Hill School in North Harrow.

Supporting Classics for All in this project will be Birkbeck College, the University of London, Liverpool University, Oxford University (Wadham and Pembroke Colleges) and University College London.

Two coordinators will plan and run activities from hubs in east and north London (BSix College and Nower Hill School) supported by specialist CPD and enrichment activities led by the Iris Project and HEIs. The hubs will also establish and co-ordinate local teachers’ networks. 

Chairman of Classics for All, Nicholas Barber CBE, says:
“We are absolutely delighted to receive this grant.  It will be of great benefit to pupils at schools in North and East London. We are looking forward to hearing from any primary or secondary schools in the area. Latin and Classics are fun to learn, are well within the capability of most children, and bring that precious gift of academic confidence.”

The award has been granted by the London Schools Excellence Fund, which is part of the Mayor’s Education Programme working to ensure excellent teaching in all London schools. It will focus on schools in north and east London bringing Classics to 1000 pupils in primary and secondary schools up to A-level.
In the first two years, the project will train 70 teachers to deliver new or improved Classics teaching, increasing access to Classics for pupils in challenging areas of London with limited or no Classics provision. It will: 

•    Run high quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for 70 teachers in primary and secondary schools to enhance subject knowledge and equip them to teach Classics independently. The programme will reach 1000 students from Key Stage 2 to A-Level.
•    Run a complementary Classics enrichment programme including visits, lectures and summer activity to inspire and enthuse teachers, students and parents 
•    Establish a teachers’ network to further subject knowledge, develop and share teaching resources and approaches beyond the period of the grant, reaching a further 30 schools per year from 2015.
•    Disseminate case studies promoting the Classics to build wider support for the network in London and nationally.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who is a well-known Classicist, said: 'Parents in London want to know that the school their child attends will give them the best start in life and access to top universities and careers. That's why we're making funding available for high performing schools and organisations like Classics for All to share their knowledge and expertise with others, to raise expectations, bring academic rigour and improve attainment for more pupils. With the London Schools Excellence Fund our goal is to turbo-charge the system so that all schoolchildren in the capital have the best possible education.'

An external evaluator will undertake an independent evaluation of the project and its impact.Classics for All will oversee project governance, budgeting, evaluation and reporting, and will ensure the smooth running of the partnership.

Manar Al-Athar

The Manar al-Athar website, based at the University of Oxford, aims to provide high resolution, searchable images for teaching, research, and publication. These images of archaeological sites, with buildings and art, will cover the areas of the former Roman empire which later came under Islamic rule, such as Syro-Palestine/the Levant, Arabia, Egypt, North Africa and Spain. The chronological range is from Alexander the Great (i.e., from about 300 BC) through, the Islamic period to the present. It is the first website of its kind providing such material labelled jointly in both Arabic and English. We will also be publishing related material, both online and on paper, in English and Arabic.

For more information about the the project please click here.

We had a very exciting event that took place on Saturday 21st of June 2014 at the Faculty of Classics. The ‘Classical Heritage: From Tripoli to Damascus’ explored the influence of Classics on North Africa and the Middle East.

This was aimed at anyone with an interest in Classics and/or the Middle East and who wanted to find out more. 

Please see attached programme for the details of the day.